What is the 30 Minutes Club?

I want to reward the hardcore fans of my community. It’s just another way I can give back and reward all of you who devote your attention and care about my content. Every time I've hit a milestone I've held giveaways and winners have been selected at random, and now I want to give back to the people who show me the most consistent love and support!

How do I enter?

People who are eligible to win have to like and comment on my Instagram post within the first 30 minutes after I post it, or share that post within 30 minutes to their story and tag me. Also, you must include the #AG30C

What can I win?

Depending on what I feel like giving away on the day you can either win:

  • A Shout Out On My Story

  • A Follow

  • A Free Edit / Mentorship Notes Sent As A PDF For One Poem Written By You

  • A Piece Of Merchandise

  • A Signed Photograph

  • A Signed Book

  • A Free Copy Of My 'Guide To Being A Poet' Ebook

How can I up my chances?

Firstly, make sure you have post notifications switched on for my instagram profile! Don't know how to do that? No problem, hit me up with an inbox message and I'll walk you through it!


Whilst you only need to do one of the two entry requirements listed above, you can double your chances of winning by doing BOTH! 

How do you select a winner? 

I will be reading each and every comment and story repost and whichever one touches me the most will be selected as the winner. The more human you are, the better! Comments that are nothing more than a few emojis will not be considered.

Good luck,

And thank you for all the love and support you show me!