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Elevate your gatherings with bespoke poetry performances, workshops, and on-the-spot poetry creations. Book a poet today!

Welcome to the Bookings and Services page of Adam Gary, your gateway to enriching your events with the art of poetry. I offer a range of personalised poetic services designed to elevate any gathering, from intimate workshops and engaging talks to mesmerising performances. Specializing in on-the-spot poetry creation with my portable typewriter, I bring a unique and unforgettable experience to weddings, birthdays, and special events. Imagine the delight of your guests as they witness the birth of a poem, tailored just for them or the occasion, unfolding before their eyes. This service not only adds a personal touch that resonates long after the event ends but also captures the essence of the moment in a way only poetry can. Join me in exploring the transformative power of words and create lasting memories with bespoke poetry that speaks directly to the heart.



In my engaging workshops and enlightening talks, I delve into a diverse array of topics designed to spark a passion for poetry and creative writing among varied audiences. My sessions explore the intricacies of poetry, effective creative writing techniques, and the significant impact of words, all aimed at inspiring attendees and broadening their literary perspectives. Among these, I offer a specialized talk on the therapeutic power of writing poetry, perfect for wellness events and corporate days, highlighting how poetry can serve as a powerful tool for emotional expression and mental health.

Additionally, I focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable self-publishing, a crucial topic for authors looking to minimize their environmental impact. Drawing from my personal experiences, I provide practical advice and innovative strategies for eco-conscious publishing. My beginner-friendly workshops on how to write poetry, supported by the success of my YouTube channel with over 100,000 views, aim to simplify the poetry writing process for newcomers, laying down a robust foundation for their poetic journeys. Through teaching at the Poetry Cove Academy's Saturday school, I further deepen my engagement with these subjects, fostering a supportive and enriching educational environment.


These workshops and talks are ideally suited for a broad range of venues, including schools, literary festivals, book clubs, and corporate events, catering to all who wish to cultivate creativity, a profound appreciation for literature, and the therapeutic benefits of poetic expression. Particularly, my sessions on the therapeutic aspects of poetry writing and environmentally conscious publishing resonate with those in the literary community mindful of their environmental footprint and the mental well-being of their teams. Whether aiming to ignite a love for poetry, enrich literary festival line-ups, or introduce innovative perspectives to book club discussions and corporate wellness initiatives, my workshops and talks offer meaningful, impactful experiences.


My performance offerings are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of events, each with its own unique flair and focus. Here's what you can expect from each type of performance:

  1. Featured Poet for Open Mic Nights: Enrich your open mic nights by featuring me as your headline poet. I'll bring a set of carefully selected poems that resonate with diverse audiences, adding a professional touch to your community's creative exchange.

  2. Curated Performances from My Collections: Experience a tailored performance where I delve into my own collections, reading works that span the breadth of human emotion and experience. These curated sessions offer an intimate glimpse into my poetic journey, perfect for audiences seeking depth and connection.

  3. Book Launch Readings: Celebrate your book launch with the inclusion of a professional poet. I offer readings that complement your work, adding an extra layer of literary sophistication to your event. Whether it's reading my own pieces that align with your book's themes or your own selected works that enhance the launch, I'm there to elevate the occasion.

  4. Classical Poetry Reading Events/Celebrations: For events dedicated to the appreciation of classical poetry, I provide readings from the masters of the genre. These performances are a homage to the timeless works that continue to inspire poets and writers, ideal for celebrations or events that aim to honour the rich tradition of poetry.


These diverse performance options are ideal for literary events, poetry nights, festivals, book launches, and private gatherings looking to add a touch of literary elegance. Whether you're aiming to inspire a community of writers at an open mic, celebrate a new publication, or simply enjoy the timeless beauty of classical poetry, my performances are tailored to meet the occasion.

poet for hire

My 'Poet for Hire' service transforms your event into an unforgettable experience by crafting on-the-spot poetry with a portable typewriter. This unique offering goes beyond mere entertainment, creating personalised keepsakes and moments for your guests. Equipped with a table and chair, I turn any space into a haven of creativity, capturing thoughts, moments, or stories in bespoke poems. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions, this service adds a deeply personal touch, making celebrations memorable.

The special touch of this service lies in its ability to provide a personal and interactive experience, leaving guests with a unique, tangible memento of the event. Each poem is a crafted reflection of the individual or the essence of the occasion, offering more than just entertainment but a connection that lasts beyond the celebration.


The 'Poet for Hire' service is the perfect addition to a variety of gatherings that aim to offer something truly special and personal. It shines at weddings, where the creation of personalized poems adds a layer of romantic and bespoke elegance, capturing the love and joy of the day in a unique memento for guests. Birthdays are made even more memorable, as attendees receive custom poems that reflect the essence of the celebration or their bond with the honouree. This service also brings a creative and unforgettable touch to all types of celebrations, including anniversaries, graduations, and other milestones, providing a novel way to commemorate these important events. For special occasions such as holiday parties and corporate events, the 'Poet for Hire' service offers a distinctive form of entertainment, giving guests a personalised artefact of the experience to take home. Designed to blend seamlessly into any event atmosphere, this service not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impression, making every gathering an occasion to remember.

Why Book Adam?

When you book Adam Gary for your event, you're not just securing a poet; you're inviting a dynamic experience that will resonate long after the last word has been spoken. Adam stands out as a multifaceted artist, combining his prowess as a poet for hire with his successful YouTube presence, where his channel has captivated nearly 10,000 subscribers and garnered over 316,000 views. His engaging content, ranging from poetry workshops to literary talks, showcases his skill in making poetry accessible and deeply impactful to a broad audience.

Clients and audiences alike rave about the unique atmosphere Adam creates, whether through immersive performances, insightful workshops, or the intimate magic of his on-the-spot poetry creations. Testimonials highlight his ability to connect on a personal level, with one client sharing, "Adam's performance was not only a highlight but a deeply moving part of our event. His ability to weave words into emotions is unparalleled." Another remarks on the bespoke poetry service, "Adam's typewritten poems were a beautiful, personal touch that added so much to our special day. Each piece was a work of art, capturing moments in a way that was both profound and touching."

Adam's past events speak volumes, with poetry nights that end in standing ovations, workshops that inspire a new generation of writers, and special occasions made unforgettable through personalised poetic gestures. His YouTube channel further exemplifies his dedication to spreading the love of poetry, offering a glimpse into the passion and creativity he brings to every event.

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I am pleased to offer the below 1-to-1 services through The Poetry Cove Academy:

Social Media Consults and Mentoring for Poets:

Book either a one-off consultancy session or start up weekly/monthly mentorship sessions with Poetry social media influencer Adam Gary. Adam has spent years building an online following through major social media platforms Instagram, YouTube and most recently TikTok. Adam continues to study all the platform algorithms and can impart first-hand experience so you can hit the ground running! Book a 1-hour video call with Adam now and take your poetry brand and social media to the next level!

Book Now

Poetry Reading and Performance Technique

Adam Gary is a classically trained actor and also an alumnus of the prestigious National Youth Theatre of Great Britain,  who has trained many household names that only need googling! Adam has also worked on major Hollywood film sets and popular TV shows, so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to performance and owning the space! Work on your reading delivery and performance technique with Adam, focussing on emotional range, voice technique, connecting to text, and owning the space.

Book Now


I am pleased to offer the below services through the Fiverr platform.

Express Delivery Custom Poetry

I will write a custom poem for you with express delivery, using any key information you provide!

Poetry commissions

I will write an expressive, formed and thought out poem about any subject of your choosing.


As a frequent reader of poetry, for both pleasure and my YouTube reviews, I know exactly what it takes to make a well rounded collection. I will beta read and produce a reader's report on your manuscript.

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