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Adam Gary’s Guide To

Becoming A Complete And Working Poet

Online Course

In this incredibly in depth 5 part course, with over 10000 hours of video lessons, Adam covers absolutely every aspect there is when it comes to being a complete poet. From the techniques of poetry, right through to actually WORKING as a poet! You'll learn about three poets, and everything there is to know about their work and what makes them a poet. You'll walk away being a true craftsman of the art, and be able to hold your own with poets that have studied at more traditional institutes. And, of course... all the different avenues you can tread to start making money from your work!

Below you can find your the full curriculum for the course.

Part 1 - Laying Strong Foundations

i.i Introduction

i.ii Establish A Working Environment

i.iii Competitor and Contemporary Analysis

i.iiii Read, Dissect, Rewrite

i.v Building a Poetic Library & Required Reading.


Part 2 - Learning the Craft

ii.i Introduction

ii.ii How to Read Poetry

ii.iii Metre

ii.iiii Form

ii.v Alliteration Rhyme

ii.vii Poetry Exercises

ii.viii How to write a Haiku

ii.viiii How to write a Sonnet

ii.x How to write an Ode

ii.xi Tips on Freeform

ii.xii A Look At Modern Poetry

ii.xiii What Kind Of Poet Are You?

Case Study: William Shakespeare

Case Study: Oscar Wilde

Case Study: Adam Gary 

    (I wanted to throw in a modern poet, but as I’m not entirely clued up on copyright laws, I took the narcissistic approach in using myself as a case study)


Part 3 - Sharing your work

iii.i Instagram

iii.ii YouTube

iii.iii Tik Tok

iii.iiii Friends and Family

iii.v Live Readings


Part 4 - Getting Published, Earning Money and Becoming a WORKING Poet

iiii.i Traditional Publishing

iiii.ii Self Publishing

iiii.iii Magazine Features

iiii.iiii Earning Money As A Working Poet


Part 5 - Further Learning

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