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Hello there! I'm Adam Gary, and I'm thrilled you've decided to stop by. Born in the bustling heart of London and raised on stories as vibrant and diverse as the city itself, my life has been a bit of an adventure, from the streets of Feltham to the fascinating world of acting and beyond. Now, I find myself in the realm of poetry, where each word is a new journey, and every line is a friend waiting to be made. This page is a little window into my world—think of it as a cozy chat over a cup of tea, where I share tales of the places I've been, the characters I've met along the way, and of course, the poetry that's sprung from it all. So, kick back, relax, and let's get to know each other a bit better. Welcome to the story of me, through and through.

My Journey

Early Life and Inspirations

From an early age, my imagination was my constant companion. As an only child, the responsibility of entertaining myself fell squarely on my shoulders. I've been told that my mum would sit outside my door for hours, unbeknownst to me, and listen as I spun elaborate tales with my toys. The worlds and adventures I created in those solo play sessions were my first forays into storytelling, laying the foundation for my creative journey.


Growing up in Bedfont and Feltham, right on the outskirts of London, was pretty standard fare for a kid like me. School was alright, but I've got to admit, I wasn't exactly the model student—except when it came to drama class. That's where I really found my groove. Right from the start of secondary school, drama club was where it was at for me. It wasn't just about acting; it was about the whole vibe, the people, and the fun we had together. I had an amazing drama teacher and made some of my best mates there.

Honestly, most classes just didn't grab my attention. I was that kid who'd rather be in rehearsals than doing homework. And poetry? Back then, I didn't give it the time of day, which is kind of ironic now, considering where I've ended up.

There's a cool little factoid about growing up in Feltham—it's the same place Freddie Mercury called home for a while. It's not like it was a big deal to me then, but it's a neat connection to have. But really, the drama club was my world. That's where I felt I belonged.

Reflecting on it, those drama-filled days, skipping out on poetry classes, and just soaking up every bit of joy from childhood living, were what shaped me. It was less about the grades and more about discovering what I loved—acting. It opened up a whole new world of expression and creativity for me, even if it took a bit longer for poetry to find its way into my heart.

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The Acting Chapter

My journey into the world of acting continued during my college years when I pursued a National Diploma in Performing Arts: Acting. These years were foundational, filled with learning curves and moments of both challenge and triumph. My foray into musical theatre, albeit more on paper due to a memorable rehearsal mishap, became a story I often recount with a smile—thanks to Paul, the choreographer, for seeing potential in me beyond my dance moves.

I was fortunate to have encountered mentors like Keith Bell at Kingston College, whose patience and guidance were instrumental in my growth as a performer. Yet, as I ventured into university, a realisation dawned on me within three short months and a significant debt: my path was meant to diverge from traditional academia. This epiphany was further cemented after a recall audition for Arts Educational in Chiswick, where a truncated Shakespeare monologue left me and the panel in mutual understanding that another route awaited me.

Acknowledging that the conventional academic setting was not my destined arena, I sought out alternative educational experiences that resonated more deeply with my aspirations. I immersed myself in the vibrant acting scene of London, taking short, intensive courses that offered a more hands-on approach to learning the craft. My time at the Actor's Centre and the honour of becoming an alumnus of the prestigious National Youth Theatre of Great Britain provided me with invaluable experiences and connections.

Perhaps the most transformative chapter of my acting education was the four-month intensive Meisner course at the Actors Temple on Warren Street, under the mentorship of Gary Condes. This period was nothing short of revelatory, teaching me the essence of being an artist and unlocking a depth of emotion I had not previously accessed. The course was a pivotal moment in my career, reshaping my approach to acting and leaving an indelible mark on my artistic psyche.

Through these varied experiences—each with its own lessons and breakthroughs—I forged a path that was uniquely mine. The diverse settings, from intensive workshops to prestigious theatre programmes, contributed significantly to my development as an actor, equipping me with a toolkit not just for the stage, but for life. These chapters of my acting journey, with their highs and lows, have been crucial in shaping the performer and person I am today, opening doors to new opportunities and guiding me toward my true calling in the arts.

In the sphere of acting, my experiences have been both broad and deeply enriching, spanning the emotional depth of Shakespeare's plays to the bustling sets of film and television. My engagement with Shakespeare offered not just an opportunity to delve into the complexities of human emotion and conflict but also served as a rigorous workshop to refine my craft. These theatrical endeavours were complemented by my participation in various roles within the dynamic environment of film and television, where even as an extra, I was able to absorb and learn from the artistry and mechanics of the industry.

My work on screen, while not in major roles, brought me into the worlds of "The Monuments Men," "Downton Abbey," and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," where I had the privilege of working as a body double for two characters. Despite the roles being minor, they were significant in providing me with a firsthand look at the intricacies of filmmaking and the collaborative spirit of production sets. Notably, participating in an improvised scene on "Pride" with Dominic West, where he was drunkenly dancing in the street—though the scene was eventually cut—provided a unique and nerve-wracking moment of real-world acting experience.

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Adam Gary Downton Abbey


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A Transition to Poetry

The seed of my poetic journey was planted at the tender age of 18, during the waning days of college, driven by young love and the picturesque setting of Kingston Bridge. Crafting my first poem as a heartfelt gesture for my first girlfriend, I remember the surge of electricity that pulsed through me with each word penned— a sensation entirely new and exhilarating, unlike anything I had experienced with acting. This moment, coupled with a sketch of 'our spot' near the bridge, not only captured a personal memory but also marked the awakening of my poetic voice. Yet, despite this profound initiation, my poetry lay dormant for the next few years.

It was the autobiography of The Doors by Ray Manzarek that reignited my passion for poetry. Learning about Jim Morrison's poetic pursuits prompted me to explore his work, leading to an epiphany that drove me back to writing. Compelled by this renewed inspiration, I soon found myself in a whirlwind of creativity, producing 150 poems in a single month. These poems formed the nucleus of my first collection, "Poetry in Motion," a naive yet earnest compilation that laid the groundwork for my future in poetry. As I delved deeper into the literary world, discovering Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" and the works of the Beat Generation, my commitment to poetry deepened. This exploration not only enriched my understanding but also influenced my decision to share my work on Instagram, amidst a burgeoning online poetry movement. It was a time before the rise of instapoets like Atticus and Rupi Kaur, when the digital landscape was just beginning to embrace poetry in this new, accessible format.

The turning point in my creative journey came with the Meisner course at the Actors Temple, which not only honed my artistic perspective but also amplified my emotional depth, significantly impacting my poetry. It was during this period of artistic enlightenment that I conceived "Nerdians: Back to the Past," a project that, while initially aimed at showcasing my acting, ultimately revealed my true calling lay in the realm of writing. Winning Best Comedy at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival was a testament not to my acting but to the power of storytelling and imagination.

As my poetic voice evolved, so did my body of work, culminating in four collections that trace my journey from the raw, unfiltered expressions of "Poetry in Motion" to the refined and introspective musings in "The Early Hours." This evolution reflects years of dedication to the craft, a testament to my unwavering passion for poetry. Now, as I venture into crafting longer, more nuanced pieces, my ambition is not just to write but to leave a mark on the world of poetry, drawing from the infinite well of inspiration that life offers.

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First Poetry Reading

Recognition and Impact

My journey through the realms of poetry, film, and digital content creation has been marked by several milestones that not only celebrate my personal achievements but also reflect the broader impact of my work on the community and culture at large.

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One of the most heartening recognitions came when my poem "And In Our Loneliness We Come Together," penned during the first lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic, was archived by the Surrey History Centre. This poem, born out of a period of unprecedented global challenge, resonated deeply enough to be preserved as a testament to the human spirit during these trying times, a recognition I hold dear.


On the digital front, my YouTube channel has become a vibrant platform for poetry enthusiasts and aspiring poets alike, amassing nearly 10,000 subscribers and over 315,000 views. The channel, which features tutorial videos on how to write poetry presented in a fun and engaging manner, fills a gap I experienced in school, making poetry accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience.

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Through The Poetry Cove Magazine, I've had the privilege of introducing the world to new voices in poetry, giving 55 poets their publishing debuts and bringing 74 poems to print for the first time. This endeavor not only underscores my commitment to nurturing emerging talent but also contributes to the rich tapestry of contemporary poetry, offering a platform for diverse voices and perspectives.

These milestones, each marked by their respective icons and badges, symbolize the range of my contributions to the arts and the community. From the personal achievement of having my poetry recognized for its historical value, to the global reach of my digital content and the tangible impact of my magazine on the careers of budding poets, each accolade represents a step forward in my ongoing journey of artistic exploration and cultural contribution.

Beyond Poetry: A Multi-Faceted Artist

The Poetry Cove and Community Engagement

My journey through the realms of creativity and expression has led me to wear many hats, but one of my most cherished roles is that of a curator and mentor within The Poetry Cove. This vibrant community, which I helped bring to life, stands as a testament to the collective spirit of poets around the globe. The mission of The Poetry Cove is clear: to foster an environment where poets, regardless of their background or level of experience, can share their work, find support, and grow. My involvement goes beyond mere oversight; I actively engage in mentoring emerging poets, offering feedback, and orchestrating events that bring our community closer.

The Poetry Cove is not just a platform; it's a sanctuary for those who find solace and strength in words. Through this initiative, we've been able to publish numerous poets in our magazine, giving many their first taste of publication and the thrill of seeing their words in print. Our commitment to nurturing new talent and providing a stage for voices, both raw and refined, underscores everything we do.

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My work with The Poetry Cove is complemented by contributions to other platforms and literary ventures. From guest-speaking at workshops to collaborating with literary magazines, each endeavor is aimed at enriching the tapestry of the poetry community and ensuring that the art of poetry remains vibrant and accessible to all.

A Continuous Journey

Reflecting on the path that has led me here, it's clear that every experience, from the solitude of crafting poems to the collaborative efforts within The Poetry Cove, has shaped my artistic identity. My past, with its blend of acting, filmmaking, and now poetry, informs my present and fuels my aspirations for the future. The journey is far from over; in fact, it feels as though it has only just begun.

Looking ahead, my vision is to deepen the connections within the literary and artistic community, reaching readers and fellow artists in new and meaningful ways. I aim to bridge the gaps between traditional and digital mediums, making poetry more accessible and engaging for audiences across the globe. The goal is not just to share my work but to create spaces where creativity flourishes, dialogue ensues, and the collective voice of the poetry community grows louder and more resonant.

As I continue on this journey, the lessons learned and the relationships forged serve as my compass, guiding me towards new horizons. The future is a canvas ripe with possibility, and I am excited to paint it with the words and visions that dance in my mind. Beyond poetry, I aspire to be a multi-faceted artist who not only contributes to the literary world but also inspires others to explore the vast landscape of their own creativity.

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