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The Early Hours

Every artist transforms throughout their time. The Early Hours is a goodbye to the first incarnation of Adam Gary, the quick firing beat inspired poet of youth, to a more thorough, thoughtful and dedicated poet on the cusp of his 30s. Maturity and craftsmanship is on the menu now, and as we say a fond farewell to old, we are served a delightful starter of what is yet to come; which may well be the main dish of Adam's poetic journey. The Early Hours,  a rather moving titular poem bids us farewell until Adam's next venture which perfectly closes this chapter in Adam's work, telling us that it is okay to start from point A. progressing and learning all the way through to point B.

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Poet in the Long Dark Coat

"Shh! Listen to that!
The Silence. Isn't it great!?"

Adam Gary concludes his 'White Cover Trilogy' with this excellent collection of poetry. 'Poet in the Long Dark Coat' boasts 150 brand new poems, in all different metres and sizes, as he continues to seek understanding of the earth, of love, heartbreak, of political issues, and of course, himself; all with the use of touching pros, comedic metres, and as always brilliant simplicity.

Blue Streak

After the success of Gary's much loved collection 'The Random Ramblings of a Restless Mind' comes 'Blue Streak', the second instalment of the white cover trilogy. Written in much the same style, 'Blue Streak' boasts over 150 new pieces of writing; each provoking thought and emotion. Having firlmy established his broad skillset, experimenting with all types of metre and style, including his own metre creation, and seemingly having found his voice, Gary continues to observe the world, sharing his thoughts through his often simple (yet none the less moving) and easy to follow poetry.

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The Random Ramblings of a Restless Mind

'Even in the thickest of mud you can find a beautiful bloom.'


Often find yourself lying awake at night, bothered by your thoughts? Or seeking out inspirational quotes that speak to your soul?


'The Random Ramblings of a Restless Mind' first started out as a means for Adam to collect his thoughts in one place, like a diary, Adam never intended to add any poetry onto it's pages. However, he naturally found himself turning these observations and thoughts into poems, most of which have resulted in becoming what is referred to as 'shorties.' or 'Micro Poetry'. Quickly it became apparent Adam was in fact putting together a new collection of poetry, mixed with slightly philosophical and day to day observational prose. This is what makes 'Ramblings' unique. Random Ramblings also introduces Adam's very own poetry metre, titled the Simplex Metre.


'You struggle because you think. Don't. Just be.'

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Southwest on The A303

Arguably one of England’s most cherished and notorious roads, the A303 is filled with history, wonder, and magic. Adam takes us on a journey of adventure, self discovery, and touching family bonds in this moving coming of age tale.

Alex is a young man in his early twenties who has fallen into a miserable state of mind, losing his motivation and love for life. When he receives the heartbreaking news that his beloved uncle has passed away, leaving Alex with all of his belongings - including his renowned VW Campervan - he sets out to Cornwall for the funeral, rediscovering his love for life along the way.

Readers feeling like they’ve lost the spark of life will immediately relate to Adam’s tale, and find inspiration to go out and seek adventure wherever possible.

Southwest on the A303 is Adam Gary's debut novella

Poetry in Motion

'Poetry in Motion' was the first collection of poetry to be released by Adam back in 2013. Re-released in 2017, with an all new introduction, and some slight tweaking, 'Poetry In Motion' has now become a look into the inexperienced mind of a nineteen / twenty year old, trapped in the twenty-first century, desperately trying to find his voice.

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