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Poet in the Long Dark Coat


"...From the first book of the White Cover Poetry Trilogy, Adam’s poems have a certain personality to them, which is reflective of its author. A number of poems within Poet in the Long Dark Coat flow like a song while others read like traditional poetry. Additionally, Adam’s voice in his poems stands out..."
- Adonis Monahan    9/10

"Having read the other two books in the White Cover Poetry Trilogy, I can honestly say that I love the evolution of Adam’s poetry!

I can sum up all three books in one word—personality!

Each poem, particularly in Poet in the Long Dark Coat, has a distinct voice and personality in the ways they’re written, as well as the themes/subjects Adam addresses. I think this book is my favorite out of the series though!

I’m so thoroughly impressed with how Adam is able to create such insightful and emotional poems. He’s a poet I see myself being a fan of for decades if possible! :)"

-Brooke Goodwin     5*

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