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Introducing "Fungal Matter":


Embark on a profound journey through the pages of Adam Gary's latest chapbook, "Fungal Matter." Delve into the depths of mental health struggles with poignant poetry that resonates with authenticity and insight.


Limited to just 15 copies, this exclusive collection offers a glimpse into the raw emotions and personal reflections of the poet's experiences. The first 5 copies sold are signed, while the first 4 copies will come accompanied by original artwork from the collection—selected at random, so please refrain from emailing Adam requesting specific pieces.


Act fast to secure your copy—10 copies are available on Adam's official website, while the remaining 5 can be found on his Etsy store. Once these limited editions are sold, exposure to these poignant poems will be restricted to a YouTube video at the end of the month.


In addition, an exclusive album of "Fungal Matter" will be available on Adam's Bandcamp. However, if you wish to experience these poems in their page form, this chapbook is the only place you'll be able to do so.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of limited literary work from Adam. Order your copy of "Fungal Matter" today and immerse yourself in the transformative power of poetry.


Reserve your copy now before they're gone for good!

Fungal Matter

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