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'Even in the thickest of mud you can find a beautiful bloom.'


Often find yourself lying awake at night, bothered by your thoughts? Or seeking out inspirational quotes that speak to your soul?


'The Random Ramblings of a Restless Mind' first started out as a means for Adam to collect his thoughts in one place, like a diary, Adam never intended to add any poetry onto it's pages. However, he naturally found himself turning these observations and thoughts into poems, most of which have resulted in becoming what is referred to as 'Shorties.' or 'Micro Poetry'. Quickly it became apparent Adam was in fact putting together a new collection of poetry, mixed with slightly philosophical and day to day observational prose. This is what makes 'Ramblings' unique. Random Ramblings also introduces Adam's very own poetry metre, titled the Simplex Metre.


'You struggle because you think. Don't. Just be.'


Signed and packaged by Adam personally.

The Random Ramblings of a Restless Mind - Paperback

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